age of Agape


lover revoLution

momentous evoLution

We all revoLve

to evoLve

to love.

©2017 Ontheland

Photo credit:  christy

As I wrote this poem the words “Love makes the world go around” came to mind.  And then I discovered Love make the world go around, a tribute to the victims of the mass shooting at a night club in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016.

Lakeside properties


A grand waterway, our inland sea

ice sheets nudging rolling waves glimpsed

fleetingly from the highway

lined by steep guardrailed cliffs

miles of private homes

and a small park.

Don’t miss it

as you




for ‘Lakeside’,

the new ‘Village’.

It’s on Roadway Six,

that goes down to the lake,

to the old lakeside highway.

No sign of lake near your new home?

Stroll to the Six and look down the hill.



The Tuesday theme at dverse Poets Pub is Suburbia.  On the way home today I decided to join two themes that baffle me.  The first one is the inaccessibility of major rivers and lakes that are bordered by high speed roadways or taken over by private ownership.  No wonder so many people don’t appreciate our beautiful waterways as they are blocked and concealed by private interests.  The second theme is my sardonic disbelief every time I see this new housing development called ‘Lakeside Village’.  These homes are in the general area of Lake Ontario, but are not lakeside as there is a major stretch of distance (with no sidewalk), a highway, and other private properties in between.

©2017 Ontheland



One kind of love

Her love was rarely said

Tender hearts are buried deep

Strong love propelled each step she tread.


A quiet way that some misread,

A lonely path is always steep

Her love was rarely said.


Homemade loaves of wholegrain bread

and chores of dreary household keep

Strong love propelled each step she tread.


Many books at night she read,

her children tucked and fast asleep

Her love was rarely said.


A winter widow, her brood had fled

She volunteered her time to weep

Strong love propelled each step she tread.


This tired earth she no longer treads

but of her gifts I still do reap

Her love was rarely said—

strong love propelled each step she tread.

©2017 Ontheland.wordpress.com

Stuart McLean

His voice,

love and laughter

over the radio.

Now he’s gone I’ll weep when they play

his shows.

©2017 Ontheland

Stuart McLean’s radio shows featured stories and music. They were hilarious and heartwarming company over the years.  He traveled across Canada to communities large and small, recording live shows.  I attended one in Toronto almost ten years ago.

It was with shock that I heard that he passed away today, only 68.  His show, called The Vinyl Cafe, was loved by many Canadians and public radio listeners in the United States.  Vinyl Cafe stories about Dave, Morley and their two children, Sam and Stephanie, are available in podcasts, books and on CD.

Winds of change


Sudden blizzard

unleashes ghostly breath

misting in deathly white

hurling frozen fistfuls

to angry winds

until new day dawns

a fresh crystal blanket


each tree, each post

wedding white

burying all remains—

not lost, just waiting

to be uncovered

by wind and sun.


©2017 Ontheland

Photo credits:  The first photo is from Pixabay (public domain) and the second, I took in January last year.

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