Moving is Easier with a Car GPS

Moving to a new area, where you don’t know the lay of the land can be quite exciting.  With a car GPS, also known as a “Global Positioning System”, it is possible to adapt and get around easily. In my recent process of moving from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Loyalist Township (near Kingston, Ontario), about 225 km away, having a car GPS has been quite a blessing.

I remember, not too long ago, peering over maps and map books when going for country drives.  At night it was difficult to navigate in the dark—turning on the inside light or using a flashlight for map reading was awkward.  We purchased a GPS to help out with country drives.  Now I’m grateful to have one to help me with my relocation.

If I want to go somewhere, I simply key in a street address, name of store, or even type of store.  For example, if I want to go to the closest grocery store, I select the “Points of Interest” menu and enter “Shopping” and then “Grocery”.  As an alternative, I can type in the name of my favorite chain and find out where it is located.  The GPS then guides with voice prompts and a map showing location as I drive.  If I make a wrong turn, it simply recalculates, and  directs how to get back on track.  At night the screen is lighted so there is no problem seeing the map.

Of course these gadgets aren’t infallible.  I recently wanted to find truck rental facilities.  The GPS provided a list of local companies.  All but one had changed location.  Some of the new locations were not far away so I eventually found the information I needed.  In a new locale, every outing is a chance to explore, so these occasional hitches were not so bad.

Using a GPS after a move helps you learn the fastest routes from point “A” to point “B”.  It’s like having an electronic tour guide.  And on a day you decide to be independent and find your own way around, the GPS is there to help if you get lost.  Now, after a few weeks in my new location, I know my daily routes and only use the GPS to find new destinations.


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