A Breakfast Spot in Odessa

Two summers ago, when I was still living in Toronto, I came down to the Brockville and Kingston area and camped at Charleston Lake Provincial Park.  We often went on outings to visit family living nearby.  One of our treats was to visit country restaurants for the inexpensive standard breakfast menu–one or two eggs any style, bacon or sausage (for meat lovers, not for me), home fries, and toast.  Tons of carbs to fill up for a while–and of course, coffee!  The best places kept the coffee pot coming with free refills…never mind if it was not as great as Timmies sometimes, as long as the coffee woke me up, it was just fine.

Now that we’ve moved to Loyalist Township (near Kingston) we’ve resumed our investigation of breakfast spots.  Actually it’s not really an “investigation”, it’s just something that’s fun to do once and awhile.  Today we dropped by the Jiffy Grill at 146 Main Street in the town of Odessa— just west of Kingston on Highway 2.  What a pleasant surprise!  It’s comfy, with clean upholstered seating, including a few booths.  The décor is bright and colorful and the service was very pleasant and accommodating.  I tried a scrambled egg breakfast with the usual trimmings (home fries and toast) and my companion went for French toast, home fries, and bacon.  The coffee was good and flowed freely—in fact everything was quite tasty.  I have no complaints and would definitely go there again—as much as I try to not eat out (smile).

Of course, now I’ve tried the breakfast, I may want to find out what lunch and dinners are like…or let me know if you give it a try.  Keep this restaurant in mind if you live in Loyalist Township or if you are travelling westbound out of Kingston or eastbound into Kingston.  It’s across from the Royal Bank in Odessa.


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