Moving with Pets

 Moving with pets takes some planning.  I have three indoor cats, Iggy, Ozzy, and Dexter—and they don’t like going for car rides.  Outings to the vet are painful missions for all of us. Cooped up in their carriers, they meow, wine, and scratch—all the way there and all the way back.  As much as I want to harden myself to their complaints, I can’t completely.  They’re like crying babies and I want them to be happy.

Moving 225 km was going to be an ordeal. So what did we do to help the cats survive the trip?  The vet recommended and prescribed a gentle liquid remedy called “Bio-Calm”. The main ingredients are thiamine, L-Theanine, soy lecithin, and milk protein.  We gave Bio-Calm to them on the day before and on the day of their move.  We then took the fastest route possible to their new home. 

The cats’ protests were persistent, but somewhat less intense than usual.  Unfortunately, one of the boys, Iggy, is particularly sensitive and stubborn–so his dedication to complaining made it difficult for the other two to fall asleep.

On arrival we immediately set up the litter boxes and food bowls as the cats launched into excited sniffing and exploration.  Settling into their new environment didn’t take long. They enjoy having more space and windows to sit in.  At first they skidded and stumbled on the laminated flooring, but now are quite skilled at navigating uncarpeted surfaces. 

In the early days Iggy needed to curl up and hide in cozy places.  Once he hid behind a microwave and we panicked when we couldn’t find him—had we accidently let him out the front door?  Needless to say, he eventually emerged and the crisis was over.


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