Sweeping Snow Away

 I love sweeping snow.  Does that sound strange?  I sweep it off the front porch, off the back deck,  bird houses,  propane tank and pipes, solar lights, front lip of the garage to prevent freezing, and so on.  Why scrape with a shovel, when for light snow and delicate spots it is so much easier to use a broom or a wisk?

I hesitated about sharing this simple snow removal technique.  Is it obvious?  Do many people get out their brooms and wisks  and sweep away?  I did a very quick surf to see if anyone else is talking about it.  One notable comment that I found was that using a broom to clean off Christmas lights is a good idea.  Once I get outside with a broom I see many places where it makes sense to brush snow off—-such as the air conditioner, gas tank, and window sills.

When I first moved to a house in the country, I wondered if I would eventually need a snow blower or a plow attachment for the sitting lawn mower.   So far it appears that a household broom, a small light push shovel, and a large snow scoop do the job.


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