Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge

Hugh’s Charity Christmas TreeTopper Challenge was hard to pass up.  He has offered to donate £1 to The Dogs Trust Charity for every entry of a photo showing ‘what sits on top of your Christmas tree’. (It’s not too late to participate–the challenge is open until January 5, 2016).

I had a dilemma because we decided to not put up a tree this year, because of the stress of preventing two small young dogs from jumping up and chewing everything–tree and decorations (not to speak of the cats who are inclined to climb).  Then I remembered our china Christmas tree;  it sits on top of a bulb that shines through coloured lights on its snow-tipped  branches.  The tree has seen better days, having been passed down, but it still adds warmth.  The original topper that was attached to the tree, fell off years ago–I had to dig around for something that was not too big and that would balance on top.  The  chosen topper is a version of Santa Claus…it felt like a compromise at first, but it has grown on me–I particularly enjoy the glitter on the cape and the tiny pine cones visible in the second picture.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge

  1. Hi Janice, this is such a beautiful Christmas Tree. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s also the first Santa Tree topper entered into the challenge.

    Thank you so much for participating. Not only have you helped us get nearer our target, but you have also given a homeless dog a meal by participating in the challenge.

    Seasons Greetings,

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    1. Thanks Hugh…I would have preferred a star for a topper but Santa was the best candidate on hand 🙂 actually have been enjoying the ‘look’ –hope you continue to get entries for your excellent cause and best wishes for a happy new year!

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