About Ontheland


I started blogging and tweeting as Ontheland when I moved to the country, off a dirt road, near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I was excited to live in nature ‘on the land’, a dream since childhood–and happy to have a patch of land for growing vegetables and herbs.

Blog events, such as Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge and Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, led me to experiment with poetry and discover the joy of taking photos. One of my favorite topics is the environment. I sometimes blog or tweet to help nudge the world towards a more sustainable future. We live in important times–an historical transition to renewable energy and other sustainable practices–as important as the Industrial Revolution, but better for our planet. I believe every one of us can make a difference through small actions.

My tweets are shown in the drop down feed on the blog sidebar or please visit me at @ontheland1.

Thank you for dropping by.

My location: Canada, near Kingston, Ontario; Planting Hardiness Zone 5B


9 thoughts on “About Ontheland

    1. Thank you so much for your nomination! I was surprised :)) I like your approach to the award and so will join in … after I complete your 3-date quote challenge. You are keeping me busy this summer 😉 — a good thing. 🌷🌻

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