Meet my neighbors


Round ears lift, listen,

soft curious eyes inspect

dinner distraction.

Beyond old farm fence

An unfamiliar sight

wearing a sun hat.


Across the road from our house is a farmer’s field where  he sends his cows to graze. Sometimes they stop nearby and I can’t resist taking photos.

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Seagulls–Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


Drifting by the shore

as if enchanted, gliding

gulls, flashing whitecaps.


Sky magic sparkles,

Gulls soar and glide on the wind,

capturing sunlight.


Haiku inspired by gulls showing off by Lake Ontario and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #97.   The prompt words are Magic (enchanted) and Glimmer (sparkles, flashing).

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Robins guarding their domain

When I go out to my garden to deliver vegetable scraps to the compost bin, robins send out urgent warnings.  There must be one or more nests back there this year.  Yesterday I stayed  still and aimed my phone camera high. Moving is not an option as these very sensitive birds retreat back into the trees. The robins shown in my photos are not sharply focused so I hope you also enjoy viewing the trunks and branches of an evergreen forest.



This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge celebrates Earth.  To see more nature photos, please click on the challenge link.

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Spring dance–First day of spring!

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Dance’ I  feature dogs dancing and prancing at a local dog park.  And today, March 20, is the first day of Spring, also known as the ‘Spring Equinox’  (Northern Hemisphere) or ‘March Equinox’.  Happy Spring to my northern neighbours and Happy Autumn to my friends in the South. As of today, day and night are roughly equal in length and in the Northern Hemisphere, daylight hours will increase up until Summer Solstice in June.

I took these photos at a local dog park on a sunny day in early March.


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Let sleeping dogs lie–Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #11

I have composed two short poems in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge: ‘Sayings’.  The challenge was to use a saying and incorporate it into a poem.  There are many sayings in the English language–two others I considered were ‘Raining cats and dogs’ and ‘Birds of a feather flock together’.  However, the one that interested me the most was one that has gained new meaning for me, over the last few years while living with two hyperactive puppies.  When you see them sleeping you’d never know…


Heads tucked, quiet snores,
Tails curled, paw lifts in dream chase,
Let sleeping dogs lie.

Resting after a holiday party romp

Urgent barks resound,
Truck trundles down road past house,
Dog tongues slurp water.
‘Oh no!’ she moans wistfully,
‘They’re up!  Let sleeping dogs lie!’

For links to other poems incorporating sayings, please visit Jane Dougherty Writes.

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Nightshade kingdom–a poem


August grasshopper,
solitary herbivore
in his prime 
 bears wings and armour,
ready for flight.

Lingering in succulence
of nightshade green, 
 listening for faint murmurs,
 wispy spider threads, 
hunger on feathered wings.

He is confident,
yet not egotistical,
knows where he needs to be
Neither lost nor alone,
standing tall,
disinclined to cower.

Pepper leaves,
 his chosen lookout,
dining table and throne,
offer delicious areolae,
laced with poison sure to
 weaken an intruder. 
Few dare to devour his kingdom.

My poem is in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #90, a new type of challenge for me, which required incorporating 10 out of 12 prompt words into a poem.

I have italicized the following prompt words or prompt synonyms:

prime (zenith), nightshade, faint (vague), murmurs, egotistical (narcissist), lost, cower (obsequious), table, areolae (areola), weaken (etoliate).

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