Patterns emerge over time:

ebb, flow

snag, stall,


Tonight my meditation

cushion called.  I heard

computer hum,

crickets chirp,

dryer drone

and all that and

this, swarming

like a cloud of shadflies

settled to pleasant


a feeling of sitting

low and true.

‘Still’  is this Monday’s quadrille prompt at dVerse Poets Pub.  Grace included a quote by Ram Dass: “The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

©2017 Ontheland


Drizzle this

Earth peoples dreaming love

and peace finesse to savour,

come drizzle this:

Deep thoughts silently summoned

Rallentando time to wonder

Inner depths rippling glissandi

Zero-carbon electricity buzz

Zephyrs whispering clean techno jazz

Longed for fruits of planning revival

Eros sighs earth songs of pleasure.

©2017 Ontheland

The idea to ‘drizzle’ came from Mish at dVerse Poets Pub who hosted Monday’s Quadrille prompt.


Floating away

before our eyes:

balloons of hope

for newness,

for governance,

caring for people

caring for earth and air,

snatched by a musty wind,

a cyber cloud

of speech bubbles,

A fog of sound bites,


a century-old system

churning out

 ballooning growth.

©2017 Ontheland

A quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub (balloon).  I wrote this poem after reading about President Trump’s plans to dismantle Clean Power Plan regulations and to reverse other measures to reduce carbon emissions.  One article about this can be found at The Washington Post website.

A quadrille for spring

We feel it coming

as daylight hours

grow and nights retreat.

It’s spring when ice jaws

crack to burst waters free.

It’s springtime when tree buds

swell, a lone songbird calls.

It’s springing time at last

when air is fair and

warm blood rejoices.

© 2017 Ontheland


In a quadrille for the  dVerse Poets Pub quadrille event held every second Monday, I try to reflect my sense of the gradual process of spring in this Northern temperate location (Eastern Ontario, Canada). We are in a pre-spring time here, waiting for temperatures to stay above zero long enough for new growth to fully begin.

I also play with the name of this season, once known as ‘springing time’, then ‘springtime’ and now, most commonly as ‘spring’.

The photo, taken a few days ago, shows a creek not far from where I live.



Babies gurgle—sweet abandon,

onlookers twitter pure delight,

Stealthy chuckles slowly morph

to breath-gasping giggle fits

when a solemn room sits hushed.

After spring rains—a babbling brook,

songbirds warble high and low.

As a mischievous wind whistles,

it tickles leaves swishing the sky.

©2017 Ontheland

Many thanks to De Jackson at dVerse Poets Pub for this week’s Quadrille prompt: ‘giggle’.

Winds of change


Sudden blizzard

unleashes ghostly breath

misting in deathly white

hurling frozen fistfuls

to angry winds

until new day dawns

a fresh crystal blanket


each tree, each post

wedding white

burying all remains—

not lost, just waiting

to be uncovered

by wind and sun.


©2017 Ontheland

Photo credits:  The first photo is from Pixabay (public domain) and the second, I took in January last year.

Kim is the host today at dVerse Poets Pub for Quadrille Monday: ‘Ghost’.

They’re seeding the clouds

Is it a conspiracy?

They seeded the clouds

with love.

Love has been raining

since dawn quenching

scorched earth cleansing

poisoned minds trickling

hate down sewers

washing away fear

swelling hearts with

courage to join in

generous community,

 knowing we only have

each other.

©2017 Ontheland

My mind and heart battered from contemplating recent actions by the United States government, I avoided a sinkhole and flew to the clouds.  Now as I post this poem, I am weighed down with rage and sadness from knowing that worshipers were gunned down at a Quebec City Mosque on Sunday night.  I am not sure where my opening line came from…but I have decided to leave it…a conspiracy to relieve human distress, hatred, and destruction could be a good thing.

‘Dawn’ is the word for this week’s Quadrille challenge hosted by Björn Rudberg over at dVerse Poets Pub.